How to reprogram the Kenwood TK-240

The TK-240 portable radio can be programmed with 16 VHF Channels.
Full RX and TX from about 130MHz to 170MHz, with a resolution of 6.25 KHz.
It can also transmit a subtone if programmed.
Programming instructions:
l Remove the small black plastic sticker, then 4 holes with 4 small PCB contacts can be seen.
l Turn radio off
l make contact in hole 2 (see picture)


l and press the SQ open key.
l at the same time turn radio on.
Now ALL channels has been erased at radio is reset.
Display shows 1 150 0000, the first small 1 is the channel, then the RX freq is 150.0000 MHz.
l Now use the channel button to adjust to the disired freq, pres the Light button for 1 MHZ range when adjusting.
l Now save RX freq in channel 1 with the TX button, display show 1 ------- now same procedure for the TX frequencies.
l then pres TX again and OFF shows in the display, this is the pilot tone. adjust to the disired freq and press TX.
l now Channel 2 shows.... go on to END shows, turn off and on again.. done.
Enter EDIT mode:
l Turn radio off
l make contact in hole 2
l and press the LIGHT key.
Now you can see all freqs and edit all the settings you want.
Use TX as the enter key.

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