Castle of ORDINGEN activation BCA LB-103 WCA ON-01134

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Castle information


BCA LB-103 WCA ON-01134 activation team:

ON2SL Susanne
ON4AHQ Roger
ON4DTO André
ON5BWE Erwin


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We will be using my call ON5BWE\p during this activation.
QSL via bureau to home call ON5BWE.
Date 26/10/2013 starting around 06u00 local time on 80m SSB and going to 40m and higher acording the conditions.

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Castle information


The castle is situated in the district of Ordingen near Sint -Truiden in the Belgian province of Limburg.
In the early Middle Ages , from 1040 sources mention the lords of Ordingen . Their castle served as a guard on the border of the county of Loon .
Messire Adam Harduémont listed in 1253 . His children and grandchildren were to the 14th century inhabitants of the castle . Lack of offspring did the castle pass into the possession of the related family Duras .
In the subsequent history names emerge as :
o William of Duras , deceased in 1389
o His cousin Arnold II Ordingen , the first who called himself lord of Ordingen
o Mary Ordingen married William of Horion
o Arnold Horion , deceased in 1481 , was buried in the church of Ordingen
o William II of Horion , son of Arnold , deceased in 1503 , also buried in the church of Ordingen
o William III of Horion adapted the castle to the spirit of the Renaissance
o the daughter grandson of William IV of Horion , Digna married Gerard Huyn of Amstenrade .
Gerard decided to sell . Just before his death the castle His wife Sophia Bellinckhausen sold it in 1611 to Edmond Huyn of Amstenrade ,
Grand Commander of Alden Biesen and member of the Teutonic Order , casual family of her deceased husband
In 1611 the Teutonic Order glory Ordingen bought and was the 16th -century castle converted into a moated castle .
In 1633 From this phase the gatehouse with guardhouse , the single corner tower and the commander home.
Dating During the French occupation , the votaries stay with chapel replaced by a classical castle.
In 1879 the family Pitteurs built a new castle built in neo-renaissance .
That was heavily bombed during WWII and subsequently rebuilt .
The immense castle, which is partially protected since 1968 , has been a time in restoration . Early 19th century acquired the wealthy coal baron Charles Pitteurs - Hiegaeerts well. When the man died in 1863, his third son Leon , got baron for life and mayor of Ordingen well in his possession . He rebuilt the castle in 1879 and thoroughly explained to a great art collection . The next owner , in 1902 , his unmarried son Antoine . A German bombardment in 1940 , difficulties restoration records and family quarrels prompted a new sales . Antoine died in 1962 , the castle was sold in 1964 to a GP from Tongeren . The surrounding grounds were largely parceled for building houses. This owner has the western corner tower and gatehouse renovated . The fully castle area is undergoing now (2012 ) a restoration to it later benefits. A hotel restaurant from The commander's house is a center for day trip , the gatehouse has been converted into a house for the owner .


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