ON5BWE HAM Radio Biography

midland3001   I was born in 1966 and interested in HAM radio at the age of 7.
  My parents had a book about HOBBY's I n witch I found an article about HAM radio.
  I read this article again and again and again until I knew it by heart.
  When my brother got a set of walkie-talkies there was no way back, I was infected with the radio virus.
  When the CB-band became legalised in Belgium I got my first radio Midland 3001
Because AM and local QSO wasn't my thing so I a got a SSB radio StalckerXX.
I build my first antenna, a 4 element yagi for 11m because they were very hard to get by in the 70's.
Then the world of DX opened for me.
I had a lot of fun and worked every continent.
stalker20 At the age of 18 I got in contact with a HAM operator who got me interested in HAM radio.
I became a SWL for many years until I decided that listening is not enough and I tried to become a HAM radio operator
ft817ndic703 I got my starting licence in 2005 and my full licence in 2010.
My calls previous callsigns are:
ON2BWE only allowed 2m, 70cm
ON3BWE witch allowed HF but 10W only.
During my QRP time I learned a lot like how to get in a pile up between al the stronger stations.
We aren't allowed to use the extension \QRP in Belgium so that didn't work for me.
I had a lot of fun and worked the Falklands with my FT817 and homemade rotary dipole for 20m.
I still enjoy QRP from time to time, QRP QSO's are always lot more enjoyable and satisfying.