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Double Bazooka

A simple antenna from a piece of coax you have laying around!


Basic Info:

Dipole antennas constructed from coax cables with shorted ends are often called "Bazooka" dipoles.
A coaxial antenna (often known as a coaxial dipole) is a particular form of a half-wave dipole antenna.
In the most basic form, a quarter-wavelength section of coaxial cable is prepared such that the inner and outer conductors
are separate but still attached to the remaining cable.


Parts Used:

A piece of coax
A plastic tube
Spreaders made from a kitchen plank
Some duct tape to seal the tubes





The outer (shield) conductor is connected to a quarter-wavelength conducting sleeve into which the cable is inserted,
and the inner conductor protrudes vertically above the sleeve for a quarter-wavelength.
Also, additional quarter-wavelength sections may be connected to the outer conductor to form a better ground plane.

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